Ashtar About The Rain

This is a sample from Chapter 3 (Ashtar About The Rain), Part 1 (The Garden) of Sona Siepakova’s novel Loved By The Sun.

Sona Siepakova’s spiritual novel, Loved By The Sun, reflects the inner transformation of a girl. Thanks to spiritual techniques she has learned in a mystery school, the main character finds the strength to become a wise, powerful female pharaoh. Let yourself get inspired…

a Sample from the chapter

Begin to imagine what I am going to say. Try focusing fully. We are going to create a vibrant portrait of rain wrapped up in beautiful feelings and keep it vivid for about a minute or two. Ready?

Of course. Well?

A huge, wet raindrop has just fallen on your shoulder. It has splashed around and soaked part of your clothes. As if someone has spilt a spoonful of warm water over you. 

Right now, another drop has landed in the middle of your forehead. It has begun to drizzle amidst the big splashes which keep falling with a thud. The tiny raindrops tickle you on the skin almost like invisible grains of sand. Even the soil and the plants around you have already been covered with thousands of little drops. The sunlight is painting them with little rainbow stripes and millions of minute sparks. It is beautiful to lie in this warm, summer shower… And, all of a sudden, it has turned into a downpour. In a second, you are soaked to the skin.  

Chapter 3, Loved By The Sun, The Garden

Ashtar! Meritaten sat up. What a vivid dream! I was afraid that if I were to keep lying in that heavy rain, water would get in my nose! I was going to drown! Will I not be floated away into the river?  

I am glad you have not fallen asleep, my dearest Meritaten! Please, lie down peacefully again. We shall rescue you! Well, it is pouring down heavily, like from Pekshenkare’s watering can. However, Meritaten is no longer in the meadow! Just in time, she ran away to hide under a nearby wooden shed. Now, from her safe place, she is only watching the wind gusts playing with the strings of falling water. They resemble a thick curtain which is being moved away to the left in one moment, only to be tilted to the right in the next… Sometimes, the rain swirls in the wind as if it were dancing with an elemental, wild thrill! And even though some drops have reached the shelter, Meritaten does not mind. She cannot take her eyes off this captivating spectacle!  

Is the wind not dangerous, Ashtar? Is it not going to break the trees? Or blow away the flowerbeds?

This is neither a destructive gale nor a hurricane, my dear. Go ahead and complete my picture now. What ideas occur to you?  

2020 © Sona Siepakova

Loved By The Sun: The Garden, Book Cover

4-part novel Loved By The Sun

In Part 1 (The Garden), the main character, Meritaton, a pharaoh's daughter, spends most of her time in the vast garden behind her palace. She is going to build a shamanic circle, try to call in the rain, speak with the Earth, see a pyramid with her father... In Part 2 (The School), Meritaton goes to a spiritual, mystery school where students learn techniques of personal and spiritual growth to gracefully pass their final test of courage...
In Part 3 (The Reign), she will have to start ruling, and Part 4 (The Light) is still a secret. 🙂
The novel is set in Egypt, in about 1,500 B.C., and it is going to introduce you, in a cheerful, easy-to-read way, to basic as well as advanced techniques of personal development and spiritual growth. With the main character, Meritaten, the daughter of the pharaoh Akhenaten, you are going to learn how to stay balanced so that love might win over fear and heal your relationships.
Each part of the novel contains a couple of songs to lift you up and heal from any suffering. These songs also appear in the album / songbook Fairy's Songs. The novel is available in English and Czech as an e-book and audio-book.


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