The Bush

Episode 1, The Bush, from the series Emily and Alphred by Sona Siepakova

These short, mysterious stories about the courageous Emily and her wise advisor, the dragon Alphred, aim to inspire you how you might support the regeneration of the Earth’s environment and the improvement of the social and political situation with your creative dreams and focused intention.


Emily hurried along a path through a meadowy, hilly countryside. The sun was quite scorching, and before long she finished her last sip of water from the bottle she was carrying in her little backpack. She wished she could find some fresh water as soon as possible. The view of the surroundings was mesmerising. There were flowers of various different colours sprinkled all over the grassy planes lining the path, forming occasionally entire carpets of pink, white, violet…  

And the thick forests rising in the distance trimmed the horizon with their dark green. One of those forests was Emily’s destination. She was running there to pass an important message about the danger approaching this region. In her village, people had already been noticing the slow arrival of strange, unknown, weird people or beings with not overtly obvious, and a little suspicious intentions. As if they were a sort of researchers or people careless of any damage which they might do here, as they are likely never to return.  

The Bush, Emily And Alphred Series

Emily’s village was pretty frightened. Nevertheless, the elders decided to intervene and take any necessary and appropriate measures. And Emily, as the courageous daughter of the chief, offered herself to rush to the next village with the message what could help in protection against those uninvited, odd guests. Emily was used to running in the hills all the time, and such a trip did not scare her at all. However, now she began to be really thirsty. She should reach a body of water in a short time… The heat in the past weeks had dried even the tiny steams and puddles…  

Suddenly, she tripped across something. Maybe she was already exhausted from the swelter, she had better take a rest, she told herself while picking herself up from the ground. Yet, after she had dusted down her knees and raised her head, her look met some gentle, green eyes in the bush. Surprised, she almost fell back down on her bottom to the dusty path. She goggled in the bush at the beautifully tender, green eyes. They were following her in a friendly manner, almost amused. This cannot be one of the foreigners who had been appearing across the country lately. This rather seems to be an animal hiding in the bush.  

Why are you hiding there, green-eyed? Emily asked aloud towards the shrub. Having neither received any answer, nor did the animal in the bush move, she went on to explore the ground in the place she had stumbled over something before. And she spotted a piece of white, scaly tail sticking out of the bush. This must be a dragon! A white dragon! What rarity! And it is hiding here in this thicket. Why is it staring at her without a move? Was it injured?

2020 © Sona Siepakova

The Dream, Emily And Alphred Series

Emily And Alphred (coming soon)

This alchemy series about the courageous girl Emily and her wise friend, dragon Alphred, is currently being prepared. With Emily and Alphred, you are going to learn how to create through dreams so that you may help establish harmony on Earth among people and all life on all levels.
The individual episodes are loosely related and deal with various topics, ranging from Emily's personal interests to renewing the environment or harmonising the social-political situation on Earth.
Soon, however, one episode will come out every month with the adventures of this couple, which will show us how we can transform our world for the better through our own magic dreaming...
In the e-shop, you will be then able to download this series in English or Czech as e-books and audio-books in sets of 33 epizodes. These stories will later be followed by online learning in fairy-tale, meditative form with healing stories, singing, illustrations, music, and maybe even games. 🙂


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