The Cloud

Episode 2, The Cloud, from the series Emily and Alphred by Sona Siepakova

These short, mysterious stories about the courageous Emily and her wise advisor, the dragon Alphred, aim to inspire you how you might support the regeneration of the Earth’s environment and the improvement of the social and political situation with your creative dreams and focused intention.


Emily sat down in the grass nearby the bush where the white, green-eyed dragon had been hiding. She decided to have a snack. What if it lured the dragon out? She would love to share her meal with it.

However, the green eyes were staring at her from the bush without any movement at all. That is really weird. Perhaps, it is not hungry. Or is it afraid of me? It might be better to leave it alone and continue on my way. Anyway, I have to find some water as soon as possible. So she stood up, waved goodbye towards the bush and walked away briskly. 

Sunny Hills, Emily And Alhpred Series

Later, after about a half an hour of scuttling across the hilly terrain with almost treeless meadows, suddenly, a shadow cast over her. Surprised, she raised her head. A dragon was flying in the sky. Slowly, quietly, and very high. At that moment, its body was covering the sun, so she could not tell if it was the white one from the bush. She tried to wave at it, having no clue whether you are supposed to wave at dragons. Actually, she hardly knew how to communicate with dragons. And today it was the first time she had seen one herself. Although just a part of it. And now the one in the sky… 

The dragon seemed to ignore her signs. It was moving like a cloud in no hurry. Therefore, Emily started walking again. Yet, the dragon was still flying above her as if on purpose.  

Was it keeping her in the shade to protect her from being burnt in the sun? Was she not just dreaming out of the heat? Again, she turned her eyes upwards. The dragon had descended a bit lower, it appeared bigger somehow. If it truly attempted at keeping her in the shade, maybe it was capable of reasonable communication. What if dragons were as intelligent as dolphins? 

After a while, the dragon was flying even lower. Despite the fact it was still in the direction of the sun, she could recognise its white head and tail. Full of joy, Emily clapped her hands above her head. Could it not land at last? Does it have to keep her in suspense? But at once, the sun blinded her eyes. The dragon had left. By the time Emily was able to see again, it was gone. Had she scared him by her clapping? If only it returned! 

2020 © Sona Siepakova

The Dream, Emily And Alphred Series

Emily And Alphred (coming soon)

This alchemy series about the courageous girl Emily and her wise friend, dragon Alphred, is currently being prepared. With Emily and Alphred, you are going to learn how to create through dreams so that you may help establish harmony on Earth among people and all life on all levels.
The individual episodes are loosely related and deal with various topics, ranging from Emily's personal interests to renewing the environment or harmonising the social-political situation on Earth.
Soon, however, one episode will come out every month with the adventures of this couple, which will show us how we can transform our world for the better through our own magic dreaming...
In the e-shop, you will be then able to download this series in English or Czech as e-books and audio-books in sets of 33 epizodes. These stories will later be followed by online learning in fairy-tale, meditative form with healing stories, singing, illustrations, music, and maybe even games. 🙂


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