Karma Demo With Germain

This is a sample from Chapter 11 (Karma Demo With Germain), Part 2 (The School) of Sona Siepakova’s novel Loved By The Sun.

Sona Siepakova’s spiritual novel, Loved By The Sun, reflects the inner transformation of a girl. Thanks to spiritual techniques she has learned in a mystery school, the main character finds the strength to become a wise, powerful female pharaoh. Let yourself get inspired…

a Sample from the chapter

Silence fell upon the room. Only the air murmured softly while flowing almost inaudibly through the ventilation shafts and the half-opened door. The students were afraid to move, having no idea what instant karma might do to them. 

After a few minutes, however, they began to relax. And from time to time, someone even tried to whisper to their neighbour because absolutely nothing had been happening for so long. Quietly, Germain watched them from a stone bench in the corner of the room, by the door. Meritaten, sitting directly opposite to him in that cramped space, with her knees just a few inches away from his, could see his eyes had narrowed. As though meditating peacefully, waiting for the aforementioned half hour to pass.

Chapter 11, Loved By The Sun, The School

Meritaten’s restless mind was about to wander to yesterday’s garden where she had been lying by the fire in Lama’s arms. The others’ thoughts had probably started to run away too, but, at that very moment, Riad groaned in pain and shouted out. Who kicked me? Crossly, the boy next to him objected. Can’t you see I am just sitting here? I haven’t done anything to you! On saying that, he too touched his face as if someone had slapped him. The violence startled Meritaten. But her shock seemed to have also amplified multiple times. Desperately, she opened her eyes wide and jumped up to lean her back against the wall. 

Terrible, uncontrollable fright was shaking her like a shivering fit. Her muscles ticked and her teeth chattered. She worried her heart was about to burst and she would die at any minute. The anxiety and tension was unbearable, nothing you could withstand for a long period. Meritaten began to perceive cool palms touching her body, as if someone was trying to plunge those hands into her chest. The girl went weak at her knees. Scrunching into a ball on the floor, she started to scream in despair. 

Obviously, she was not the only one, because the room was filled with cries. Everyone was moving around in an uncoordinated way and jerking wildly. Some were beating the living daylights out of the others, some were moaning or weeping. 

Strangely enough, no one had run out of the half-opened door. And Germain continued his silent, motionless observation from the corner of the room. 

When Meritaten happened to brush her leg against his, something within her remembered. It was all said to be just a dream. Who had told her that?

2020 © Sona Siepakova

Loved By The Sun: The School, Book Cover

4-part novel Loved By The Sun

In Part 1 (The Garden), the main character, Meritaton, a pharaoh's daughter, spends most of her time in the vast garden behind her palace. She is going to build a shamanic circle, try to call in the rain, speak with the Earth, see a pyramid with her father... In Part 2 (The School), Meritaton goes to a spiritual, mystery school where students learn techniques of personal and spiritual growth to gracefully pass their final test of courage...
In Part 3 (The Reign), she will have to start ruling, and Part 4 (The Light) is still a secret. 🙂
The novel is set in Egypt, in about 1,500 B.C., and it is going to introduce you, in a cheerful, easy-to-read way, to basic as well as advanced techniques of personal development and spiritual growth. With the main character, Meritaten, the daughter of the pharaoh Akhenaten, you are going to learn how to stay balanced so that love might win over fear and heal your relationships.
Each part of the novel contains a couple of songs to lift you up and heal from any suffering. These songs also appear in the album / songbook Fairy's Songs. The novel is available in English and Czech as an e-book and audio-book.


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