Travelling Through Time

This is a sample from Chapter 11 (Travelling Through Time), Part 1 (The Gardenof Sona Siepakova’s novel Loved By The Sun.

This spiritual, fantasy novel reflects the inner transformation of a girl. Thanks to spiritual techniques she has learned in a mystery school, the main character finds the strength to become a wise, powerful female pharaoh. Let yourself get inspired…

a Sample from the chapter

And here we are! Akhenaten opened the door to the room which they were aiming for.

Curiously, Meritaten peeped in, yet she remained standing on the doorstep as if she felt scared something might jump out at her from the darkness. Akhenaten pushed her inside and handed her a few candles. 

There were large candlesticks in the corners, they just needed to slide the candles into the holders and light them from the one which had already illuminated their way here. 

Dad, I feel I have been in this room a few times. Yet I have never experienced anything special here. 

Chapter 11, Loved By The Sun, The Garden

Yes, sweetheart. The underground and ground floor of this pyramid serve for training beginners and pre-intermediates. Thus they are rather neutral in terms of energy. Some influences may reveal themselves only with specific intention or after an activation of an opening code known by the teachers.

It is like you walked into an orchard where there are innumerable types of fruit at your disposal. However, if you have just had lunch and fruit doesn’t interest you, you are not going to use the full potential of the orchard. The actual being in the orchard won’t harm you though. It is even possible for you not to notice having walked through an orchard provided your thoughts were elsewhere.  

Many people assume it is nothing special to be exposed to active energy. Nevertheless, just as we can’t see gravity which keeps us on the ground and prevents us from flying away, there are many other forces which can’t be denied or ignored negligently just because inexperienced ones are unable to sense them. As a result, a whole range of security measures have been installed here. And I am very glad you haven’t passed through the shield on the top floor.   

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Loved By The Sun: The Garden, Book Cover

4-part novel Loved By The Sun

Sona Siepakova’s spiritual novel, Loved By The Sun, reflects the inner transformation of a girl. Let yourself be inspired...