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Sona Siepakova’s Temple Of Eternal Youth is made as a story. 

Due to a crisis in her life, Agnes, a woman in her forties, decided to climb a high, difficult-to-access mountain to find the Temple Of Eternal Youth

In discussions with the rainbow lady, Sopdet, who lives there, Agnes learns how each of us can retain longevity and enhance health.

temple of eternal youth: part 1

Madam, it’s not that I’ve come for no reason. It was a very tough decision. It’s freezing here and the journey has been long. Please, accept me. Let me warm up at least, for a while. I’m incredibly tired.

And what have you been searching for that you’ve ended up at this place? The tall woman with rainbowy transparent skin asked. Her benevolent eyes radiated soft glow. Her voice sounded deep and calm as if she wasn’t surprised at all by the visitor’s arrival.

Why have I come? Actually, I’m not sure what I’m looking for. I’ve been chased by a sort of vision of my own mystery school. For more than ten years. I’ve tried to forget about it. To find a man, have kids. Yet, all has fallen apart somehow. My world is upside down and I feel so sadly empty. I don’t even feel any desire anymore, to be honest. Just the call hasn’t stopped:

Climb that mountain! Reach its summit! You’ll see! It’ll cheer you up. You’ll learn what’s wise.

Dreaming Fairy, Emily And Alphred Series

So it’s wisdom you are seeking? The rainbow woman asked again, and stirred a bit in her lotus position. She was really tall but when seated it wasn’t so obvious. Perhaps, she didn’t want to scare her visitor. There’s some tea over there. Help yourself! It’s warm.

The pilgrim stormed to the teapot. For a moment, she just hugged it with her fingers to defrost them. Sniffing its steam with her nose. Her cheeks went scarlet from the warmth. Pouring a sip of tea into her cup had obviously lifted her mood. She turned back to the sitting lady.

Thank you. It almost seems as if you’ve been expecting me. Was it you who has called me here? The visitor wondered in surprise.

My name’s Sopdet. The rainbow giant said gently.

My name is Agnes. The visitor quickly replied.

Agnes, a priestess. Sopdet smiled.

A priestess? No way. I’m far from that, madam.

Sopdet. The rainbow lady corrected her. Don’t call me madam. I’m simply Sopdet.

And what’s the meaning of that name?

I’ll tell you later. Sopdet stood up and walked towards the side door. Drawing aside the carpet which separated the rooms, she beckoned to Agnes to follow her.

2020 © Sona Siepakova

Dreaming Fairy, Emily And Alphred Series

Temple Of Eternal Youth (coming soon)

This series about self-healing and longevity is intended for those who wish to stay forever young (i.e. to remain perfectly healthy and fit for a long time), and also for all who really are or feel young. Moreover, eternal youth focuses on our inner child and the physical body which are interlinked. The aspects of playfulness and willingness to share, feeling relaxed and safe, adventure and discovery, creativity and spontaneity, often associated with youth, will make our life worth living at every age. 🙂 The series The Temple Of Eternal Youth is currently being prepared. Soon, however, one episode will come out every month about how we can create harmony within ourselves on all levels, such as among our cells...
In the e-shop, you will be then able to download this series in English or Czech as e-books and audio-books in sets of 33 epizodes. These stories will later be followed by online learning in fairy-tale, meditative form with healing stories, singing, illustrations, music, and maybe even games. 🙂


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