Horoscopes. A poem by Sona Siepakova, inspired by Lubomir Svoboda’s Czech song Horoskopy. Sooner or later, it is going to turn into a song for the Na Vterinu Band. 🙂 


Don’t say our future must be doom and gloom.

That we are too different because of the Moon.

Star signs tell you wisdom of old, distant past.

They can’t solve your worries, even if you trust.

I will listen only to guidance of my own heart.

Big Dipper, Sirius and star dust

have begun dancing all around us.

The Seven Sisters in their glory

whisper: Love’s a neverending story.

Tarot cards might warn you: Take a safer path.

Temptation brings only walking on thin ice.

Yet I won’t stop dreaming. May galaxies collide.

Follow your good feeling

through mysteries of life.

Let us meet up in the night sky no matter how far…

2022 © Sona Siepakova

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