Love Keeps Knocking

Love Keeps Knocking from Sona Siepakova’s Fairy’s Songs.

The album / songbook Fairy’s Songs contains cheerfulhealing songs for adults as well as children. Singing simple, positive songs will not only lift you up, but it also helps you restore your inner peace, health and harmony in a playful way – using your breath, voice, focus (plus the song’s intention).

I am grateful that love

keeps knocking patiently on your soul’s door.

In the day or at night

as silent clouds in the sky flow.

Your disappointment

will soon be washed away by drops of soft rain.

The glow of the rainbow

has gently released all your pain.

Gone’s the past and sorrow.

As a bird get ready for your first flight.

The wind carries you safely.

Just keep your wings still open wide.

It’s for sure that now

you’re destined to succeed and to happy feel.

Because you have allowed

to be shown that divine love’s real.

The magic moment is approaching. It might be just inches far.

You’ll get power to begin a wiser, joyful, brand new life.

Your nose has suddenly been filled with mesmerising scents of bliss.

You feel like a child in wonder whose cheeks have been gently kissed.

May you set off freshly,

trusting your own inner navigation.

May you hear the low voice

of your guiding intuition.

May you sing and smile

with courage to walk tall even in hard times.

Your path is softly lit

by a giant, magic full moon.

2020 © Soňa Siepaková

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Fairy's Songs

Fairy's Songs

Sona Siepakova’s album / songbook Fairy’s Songs contains many cheerful, healing and romantic songs. Sing along with me! 🙂