The Arrows

The Arrows. One of the many poems and song lyrics written by Sona Siepakova and Lubomír Svoboda. Sooner or later, it is going to turn into a song for the Na Vteřinu Band. 🙂

Antonio And Cleopatra

It´s part of your own prophecy

To be an angel on the Earth.

Flying lightly in my fantasy,

Healing where I have been hurt.

Wandering in the darkness

Still getting lost in shadows.

Believing, sometimes upset,

Chasing dreamy meadows.

Wandering in the darkness,

Still getting lost in shadows.

I´m hurt by your sheer blindness

To my heart to heart arrows.

I´d love to squeeze you tightly.

I´ve struggled hard to be near you.

Why can´t your eyes see brightly

How terribly I need you.

2022 © Soňa Siepaková & Lubomír Svoboda

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