The Pilgrim

The Pilgrim from Sona Siepakova’s Fairy’s Songs.

The album / songbook Fairy’s Songs contains cheerfulhealing songs for adults as well as children. Singing simple, positive songs will not only lift you up, but it also helps you restore your inner peace, health and harmony in a playful way – using your breath, voice, focus (plus the song’s intention).

Passer-by, you’ve just entered a sacred place of love. 

Lie down and unwind briefly on the ground. 

Stars have begun lighting up the sky.

Let the wind blow off your tension, stress, slow down your breath.

Receive the nature’s gentle, warm caress.

Doubts and fear have lost their power, let them dissappear.

Tune in the Earth, your connection is clear. 

Let her whisper softly in your ear. 

Open wide to guidance coming frmo within your heart.

You’ll be surprised how it can change your life.

2020 © Soňa Siepaková

The Pilgrim
Fairy's Songs

Fairy's Songs

Sona Siepakova’s album / songbook Fairy’s Songs contains many cheerful, healing and romantic songs. Sing along with me! 🙂